Tech Leads

What is a Tech Lead?

A Tech Lead provides tech help for a Braver Angels Alliance. They can voluntarily assist an Alliance in multiple ways: 

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Featured Testimonial

"I've been volunteering as a Braver Angels Alliance Tech Lead for about a year, first for Columbus, Ohio and then for all of Ohio. It's felt good to be so appreciated - the Alliances around here, at least, don't have all that many tech-savvy folks with much time on their hands, so even a simple service like organizing a Google Drive folder can make a difference in how well the Alliance runs." 

- Jacob Rodeheffer, Tech Lead, Ohio


I am an Alliance Co-Chair interested in having a Tech Lead. How do I find one to support our Alliance?

If you are a new, incoming Alliance Co-Chair to an already existing Alliance, you might already have one! You can check by viewing the Leadership Contacts within the Field Leaders Add-on featured in your Braver Angels Google Workspace account.

For Alliance Co-Chairs forming a new Alliance or looking to recruit a new Tech Lead, the Alliance Data Toolkit is one of the best ways to find a potential volunteer in your location area. Please contact Louis Tsien at for further assistance.

I am a tech-savvy volunteer interested in helping my local Alliance. How can I contact them?

Please visit the Alliance and State Directory to find your local Alliance(s). 

Does a Tech Lead need a Braver Angels email address?

Yes. The Braver Angels email address provides access to a variety of data tools. Please have your local Field Leader (Alliance Co-Chair, State Coordinator, or Regional Lead) fill out this form to request a Braver Angels Google Workspace account. 

Tech Support 

Need help solving a tech issue? Browse our FAQ or contact Field Tech Support.