Zoom for BA Events

Zoom is the video conferencing tool primarily used for hosting Braver Angels workshops, debates, and other online events. If you are a trained Organizer in need of a Zoom link for an upcoming online event, please fill out the Event Request Form.

Some important features include: sharing your screen, sending messages with chat, dialing in by phone, breakout rooms, and video recording for a meeting.

Zoom for Meetings

If you are a Field Leader or volunteer who prefers Zoom for 1-to-1 or small group meetings, there is an easy way to request a Zoom link! 

Simply go to the Event Request Form and provide the following: 

Within a minute, you will receive an email with the Zoom link; plus an option to add the Zoom meeting to your Google Calendar. You'll also receive an Event Team Support app link which you can use to start the meeting without logging into the Zoom website.

Google Meet for Meetings

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool available in Google Workspace. This is another great option for Field Leaders who need to quickly create a video meeting for 1-to-1 or small group meetings.

If you are a Field Leader, please use your Braver Angels account. This allows you to share a meeting link with anyone. For other volunteers, you can use your personal Google account. Just keep in mind that your free plan allows you to only invite others who also use a Google account. 

Some important features include: direct scheduling within your Braver Angels Google Calendar, sharing your screen, sending messages with chat, and dialing in by phone. Please note: the free version does not provide you the ability to video record a meeting.

Tech Support 

Need help solving a tech issue? Browse our FAQ or contact Zoom Request.